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Vinamax Organics Pvt. Ltd. was formed May 1994 with a prime goal to manufacture and trade in various surfactants.

Directors of the Company

Mr. Vikas Madhavrao Tople- Mr. Tople is a Chemical Engineer & has over 15 years experience in the field of chemical manufacturing & product development. He is responsible for product development & quality manufacture.

Mr. Rajendra Ramachandra Pendharkar- Mr. Pendharkar is a Marketing Specialist & has over 15 years field experience of marketing chemicals. He is responsible for Marketing Management of the company.

Aim of the Company

  • To produce & sell quality products in the field of Surfactants.
  • To develop Export market in Surfactants.
  • To make tailor-made products to suit individual customer requirements.
  • To maintain harmony of nature by creating Effluent treatment facilities.
  • To create good & healthy atmosphere at workplace.
  • To generate profit by following good business practice.

Facilities of the Company

  • A plot of land in Kurkumbh MIDC measuring approx. 21000 sq. ft.
  • A construction of 5500 sq. ft. of factory shed with well equipped Q. C. Laboratory.
  • A staff of 15 people to take care of various activities.
  • A well equipped office in Mumbai.

Growth of the Company

The Company was established in 1994. It has gone into commercial production in March, 1995. This company has grown steadily since 1995 with an average growth in terms of sales by 20 % per annum & by 23 % in terms of Quality Production.



Vinamax Organics Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2000 certified company

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